HC4 laboratory offers a wide specter of biological material testing. The laboratory conducts tests every working day as well as on Saturdays, accepting materials from 8.00 to 19.00 on working days and from 9.00 to 13.00 on Saturdays (with the exception of the summer period).

In case of need tests could be done urgently („Cito!”). „Cito” testing time is from one to two hours starting from the time the material is received by the lab.

For instance, the lab determines the thyroid gland hormones, conducts the necessary analyses for occupational testing, STD analyses, pregnancy screening and many others. We also offer a complex laboratory diagnostics that helps to determine the general state of health.

The analyses done are as follows:
  • Clinical tests (urine, feces,etc)
  • Hematological tests (Hb, Leucocytes, platellets,etc.)
  • Immunohematologcal tests (Blood group, Rhesus factor, antierythocyte antibodies)
  • Haemostasis tests (blood clotting and related indicators)
  • Clinical chemistry tests (detection of ferments, proteins, fats, glucose, nitrogen metabolism, inflamation parameters)
  • Hormons tests (including fertility and pregnancy tests)
  • Pregnancy screening tests
  • Infections diagnostics (STD included)
  • HIV testiung and international certificate
  • Oncological markers
  • Autoimmune diseases testing
  • Allergy testing
  • Other analyses up to our clients needs and wishes

We wish to point out that the HC4 laboratory does not make analyses of the samples taken from animals. As to the animal sample analyses we ask you to address veterinary clinics and the Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment Research Institute "BIOR".

The full choice of analyses see in the section Price List and Performance Time section.

The given time of testing includes:
  • registration of the sample in the laboratory information system
  • preparation of the sample for analysis
  • transport of the sample to the partner laboratory, if necessary
  • analysis
  • obtaining the result
  • repeated processing the sample if necessary
  • repeating the analysis if necessary
HC4 collaborates with the best laboratories in Latvia to conduct genetic tests and other more rarely done tests. In conducting laboratory testing we collaborate with the following laboratories:

NMS laboratory

Laboratory of the Latvian Center for Infectious Diseases

E. Gulbja Laboratory

Academic laboratory of histology