How to receive your results

The tests results can be received in print out form in the lab registration office or in system. In the Datamed system the testing results can be seen with the help of the SEB, DNB bank Citadele, Nordea or Swedbank internet bank access data in the course of 30 days after handing in the analysis free of charge. Another way of receiving the results of your or your under-age children analyses in the Datamed system is to let the registration office know your e-mail address and your mobile phone number. When the tests results are ready (or sent over to partner laboratories) and confirmed you will receive an e-mail with the link to the Datamed system. The link will take you to the Datamed site. Your mobile phone number is necessary for authorization. The access code which will enable you to see, download and send further the results to the analyses will be sent to your mobile phone.

Do not forget to inform the lab workers how you wish to receive the results of your analyses.

Daily the results of analyses can be received in 6–8-hour period, exceptions refer to more seldom performed analyses, the investigations that require sending to other labs ant the tests whose performance requires longer periods of time (e.g., microorganism growing). See the lists of analyses and the times of performance.

You can hand in analyses and receive the results also anonymously.    

As to the results of your analyses you have to consult your family doctor or other doctor treating you, especially if the test shows some aberration! Only your own doctor can interpret precisely the test results as he knows your peculiarities and the history of your disease. Our lab doctors can consult you as to the possible reason for the aberration and suggest what specialist to address.